20 years of experience, a solid network of translators and interpreters, instant availability are the assets of Diane Bourely-Medecin.


  • Translation

      Translations arrive in written form.
    • Certified translation

      The translation is stamped an signed to certify that the translation is true to the original.
    • Uncertified translation

      The translation is not stamped, signed and certified.
  • Interpretation

      Interpretation is in the form of oral translation.
    • Simultaneous interpreting

      The interpreter translates as the speaker speaks either through technical equipment or by whispering to the client.
    • Consecutive interpreting

      The interpreter translates once the speaker is finished.
    • Liaison interpreting

      The interpreter follows a client, for example, to a site visit or business meeting interpreting unformally when needed.
  • Additional services

    - Text editing
    - Assistance with administrative dealings in Monaco

In practice

  • Quality

    • Translating

      We are very demanding as to the accuracy and content of your translation - even on short notice.
    • Interpreting

      Beyond skills and experience in interpreting, we carefully choose our interpreters according to their expertise in your particular field.
  • Pricing

    • Translations

      Prices are based on the needs and desires of the client : either by word, page, or a set fee. Larger translations carry lower rates.
    • Interpretation

      Thanks to our network, we are able to recruit locals whenever possible in order to save you travel and accommodation costs.
  • Extra services

    • Translations

      We deliver to your home or office in Monaco and surroundings. An extra original certified copy can be delivered without additional cost. Thanks to our flexible working hours we can accomodate your immediate needs.
    • Interpretation

      In addition to recruiting complete multilingual teams we can also advise you on technical equipment associated with simultaneous interpreting and conference sound systems.
Listening carefully to your needs, providing high-quality standards and an adjusted price are our priority.