• Simultaneous interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting is done from a booth where the interpreter translates in real time the speaker's presentation to the client who listens through his headset. For small meetings, lighter equipment (interpreting suitcase) might be advisable.
  • Consecutive interpreting

    The speech is accurately translated into the other language once he is finished. This method is generally used in small meetings or interviews. No specific equipment is needed.
  • Liaison interpreting

    The interpreter goes along with the client to appoinments, visits, or meetings, helping when needed to facilitate communication.

In practice :

  • Main areas of expertise

    We are trained to prepare the most technical subjects but with time we have acquired specific experience in the following areas :
    - political and social dialog
    - sports and television
    - multimedia
    - medical
    - legal
    - international organisations
    - marketing
  • Practical information

    • Langues

      Thanks to our international network we can provide complete multilingual teams selected according to their particular knowledge of your field.
    • Technical equipment

      We advise you on the most suitable type of interpretation for your particular meeting (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison), as well as on the best technical solution (booths, interpretation suitcase, whispering – consecutive without equipment) to make sure you will get the best quality-price ratio.
    • Pricing

      In order to keep costs down, we give priority to local interpreters if available. We can also provide a price estimate for technical equipment, and we accept global payment for interpreters and technicians if requested.