Diane Bourély Medecin

20 years of experience, a solid network of translators and interpreters, instant availability are the assets of Diane Bourely-Medecin. Listening carefully to your needs, providing high-quality standards and an adjusted price are her priority.


Translations can be uncertified or certified by a sworn translator by the Monaco Court of Appeal.


French, English, Spanish.

Areas of expertise

Sport, legal (sworn translations, certified true to the original), Banking and finance, cultural et technical, medical, education and literature

Quote, deadline, delivery

Getting a quote is free, confidentiality is guaranteed from the initial contact.
The deadline is determined with you according to your needs.
Delivery is possible at your home or office in Monaco and surroundings, upon request, or by email or express mail.


The price is payable in cash, by check or by bank transfer on delivery.


Interpretation is simultaneous or consecutive, by a member of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters), certified by the Monaco Court of Appeal. Online interpretation is accepted.


French, English, Spanish. For simultaneous interpreting, thanks to our international network, we can provide complete multilingual teams selected according to their particular knowledge of your field.

Areas of expertise

Simultaneous interpreting<

The environment, nature conservation, finance, banking, taxation, law, insurance, television, sport, corporate life, marketing, etc.

Consecutive interpreting<

Small-scale meetings, interviews, signing of deeds (of sale or others) at the Notary’s office, hearings of the judge or the police, assistance for visits to the doctor, etc..


For simultaneous interpretation, in addition to the multilingual team of interpreters, the quote may also include the technical equipment if needed.


The price is payable in cash, by check or bank transfer on the last day of the mission.
Global payment is accepted for simultaneous interpreting teams and technicians.